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I said I wasnt coming back. [entries|friends|calendar]
The Waiting Room

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[29 Jan 2005|07:26pm]
so anyway, today im PRETTY SURE i died.

its been tooo long

lets not



is what i like to call



[23 Apr 2004|10:23pm]
I finally got my piano tuned.

It was bordering on two years since it's last tuning..so it was really really off. And it does not help at all that it's 102 years old.
I came home
And my mom got it tuned when I was at school, but didnt tell me.
And I sat down at the bench because ussually that's what I do when I get home
and was surprised
with an amazing sound. he replaced a lot of stuff, and it sounds so good.
not the best, but if you've been playing an out of tune piano for 2 years, and in it's condition they say it should really be done every 6 months..well..you get the picture..

it was nice.

[22 Apr 2004|09:19pm]
fine I cave, you are too persuasive Mr. SmithCollapse )

Well it took a lot of work to be the ass I am.
(5) (......)

today I got high [22 Apr 2004|09:17pm]
Not really.
So much for updating on what I do.


Egg-faced stupid!


[17 Apr 2004|11:57pm]
Im kind of bored with my group of friends.
How sad/stupid of me.
(2) (......)

[12 Apr 2004|12:01am]
Pam and I just did the most awesome prank.
There was a sleepover.
Just a bunch of guys.
They made the rule it was GUYS NIGHT only. NO chickas.
Pam and I snuck in.
Wandered around dogding site for a looong time.
Then started pranking.
It was so much fun.
The only clue we left was a note.
And it was awesome.

[11 Apr 2004|11:07am]
Sara IMed me at 1230-walked down to her house at 1-I had a lot farther to run than she did..a lot..
But I did a lot of running that day.
Didnt meet up with her until 3.
Then walked around to get something to eat.
Then went to this Fitness place.
Then slept over.

Woke up 6-ish.
Went to work at Camp Sankanac 8-ish.
Log splitting/carrying/loading=no fun
With sara-isha-jon-me-abby-nick-jeff-travis=Fun
Met new people
Larissa (whom I called anything but..either Carissa Barissa Marissa...)
Kara (Lara.Tara.Sara.Bara.Para..etc)
Rob (potsy).
Picked up at 230 to go to StupidfamilygettogetherwhichIloathedtothefullest.
Slept most of the time there on the couch..
Could not go to show at mooselodge.
Made me extremely upset. Pooh.
Josh hung out with Jessica Livesy a lot which made me sadmad.
Stupid loser. He better not become lykomgbesssfwends with her.
Or I will not be left in good sorts.

Mother forcing to go to church.
Nothing exciting happened or is going to happen.
It's easter.

The end.
This layout is hot though.

Nicks Birthday [08 Apr 2004|08:36pm]

I really didnt do anything exciting today. 'Sept write my cat a song.
Hah. This song is so .. well ..stupid.

Megan IMed me.
[megan = exbestfriend who put me through a lot]
Basically just wanted to say that she was thinking about our big fight a lot, and how stupid and pointless it was, and how she wishes that she could just go back then and apologize but that isnt going to happen. So the best she can do is just apologize now and forgive me and hope I forgive her.
I forgave her.
She was just around 1-2 years late.

Then Nick kept IMing me about how Josh and I should date.
That was fun.
Definitely cheered me up.

I wanted to walk down to get some fritos, but my mother wouldnt let me because it was too late.

There is a show this Saturday that I want to go to real badly.
With Kristen.
Before hand we were going to watch Romeo&Juliet.
But im being forced to go to my aunts house and dye easter eggs.
How pathetic.
Dont worry. I'll find someway to weasle myself out of yet another pointless family event.
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