The Waiting Room (howwasmyday) wrote,
The Waiting Room

I forget..

well today
I went out
With Pam
And then
But he bugs me.
Oh. Well.

I am in love with a boy, but he is in love with men. Stupid gay people being so lovable. Darn them all!
Jamie Branagh. Le'sigh. If only he wasnt the epitome of perfection then maybe I wouldnt be so upset at his sexuality. Josh has a better chance with him than I do.

That diner food gave me a tummy ache.

Went to "make-out park" with josh. DID NOT do anything physical in the least. Sorry, but I'm not.
It was fun, I was crazy and running away from him and having fun on all of the kid things. All of the moms loved me because I played with there kids. I had a bunch of pictures taken because I was this elder girl playing on all of the little kid things and I suppose it was amusing?
Basically after going through ADD too many times and running away from him a lot he just sat down and watched me.
The park is dedicated to the Manderachs. it's called Manderach park. Mrs. Manderach went into a little shop down the street from her house with her infant son. The man that worked there murdered both her and her son. It is a humongous park, beautiful.

I go out every night, with the exception of two. It's just nice to be busy, but it makes me do bad in school, and does not help with me being weak.

Last night I passed out on my bed at 6(PM), my mother tells me I sat up when she called me and responded to her perfectly reasonably then collapsed back on my bed.
Did not wake up until the next morning.

But I never learn.

Well it took a lot of work to be the ass I am.
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